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Today's Free Software: Nuance PDF Reader

Nuance PDF Reader is free and loaded with benefits. Download Nuance now to read, convert, comment on, and edit PDF's the fast and easy way.

Nuance PDF Reader Description:
Get ready to rethink your choice of free PDF reader. Nuance PDF Reader enables you to do much more than just view PDF files. You can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, and RTF via a hosted web service. Use annotation tools to highlight, cross-out, and underline text for more effective collaboration. Even fill out and save PDF forms. Nuance PDF Reader takes up less disk space, is more secure than Adobe Reader, and works with virtually any PDF file. Best of all, it's absolutely free, proving that you really can get a whole lot of something for nothing.

Nuance PDF Reader Features:

  • Slim, fast, and free PDF reader
  • Print a PDF file that has been edited with or without comments
  • Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, RTF, or WordPrefect
  • Quick, easy, and completely free!

How to Install:
To begin your installation of Nuance PDF Reader, click the button "Start Download" above. An executable file will be downloaded to your computer. Once the file has completed download. Click "Run" or follow the on-screen instructions to continue your installation. Installing the software will allow you to use the Nuance PDF Reader program and the various features described above.

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How to Uninstall:
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